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  • Resetting Sequence Numbers
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when it's necessary to change a FIX session sequence number, either next expected or next sent

Changing DARE sequence numbers is accomplished via JMX. There are several different JMX clients you can use. The Java JDK ships with one called jconsole. We'll use that for this guide.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Start jconsole. Since jconsole is a GUI application, you'll need to run it from your desktop.
  2. Connect to your DARE instance. The default port is 1099.
  3. Select insecure connection (it's ok!)
  4. Select the MBeans tab and expand the desired session
  5. Find the NextSenderMsgSeqNum or NextTargetMsgSeqNum field. Both are editable. Simply change the value written there and press enter. Press Refresh to see your changes.