Professional Services

The Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform is based on a modular architecture that makes it simple and affordable to build a library of situational strategy modules. Our professional services process is also designed to be fast, flexible and affordable.

Developed for maximum flexibility, Marketcetera is a rich and powerful algorithmic trading platform. We have years of experience and a deep understanding of the best practices for automating algorithmic strategies. We design our processes around you. Many of our clients have been working with tools like MATLAB, R, TA-Lib, Python and Excel for years. These products have become familiar, trusted productivity tools and their deep, rich libraries for nearly any mathematical operation imaginable are tremendous resources. We can work with you from scratch, capturing your trading logic in a design session and coding everything into a pluggable strategy module, or we can incorporate your current strategy (regardless of language) and integrate it into a Strategy module.

In addition to automating strategies, our clients sometimes need additional custom tools such as a specific broker adapter, a custom UI, an interface to an in-house FIX gateway of back-end system. The Marketcetera professional services team is available on request for enabling custom projects related to the Marketcetera installation. Typical areas for engagements are:

  1. Development of new custom trading strategies.
  2. Customized versions of existing Marketcetera trading strategies.
  3. Integration with in-house or third party systems.
  4. Integration with in-house or third party pricing libraries.
  5. Additional customized training sessions.

Please contact us if you wish to engage our professional services team for a custom Marketcetera related project. We are happy to provide you with a proposal based on your requirements.

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