What We Believe In

Marketcetera is an open source project devoted to democratizing access to high frequency trading.

Capital markets around the world are deregulating, creating the opportunity for millions to create wealth for themselves and their investors. The Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform is the only open source solution for institutional traders. Open source software provides transparency into the code, allowing you to see what the software is doing and modify the code to suit your needs. Open source also gives you the option to interact and collaborate with other developers in our community, giving you a unique environment in which to share ideas and troubleshoot issues. This community involvement results in better quality software and documentation, as the whole community tests, debugs, and documents changes and best practices. All of this gives you a better ROI on your development investment than either traditional commercial software packages or custom development done from scratch.

Marketcetera complements our open source project with commercial plug-in modules and professional services to accelerate your project.