Who We Are

In today’s highly volatile market, you need an automated trading solution that allows you to focus your resources on what matters most to you — executing your strategies in the marketplace as quickly and efficiently as possible. Marketcetera gives you a flexible, cost-effective solution to do just that.

As trading and technology veterans, Marketcetera founders Graham Miller and Toli Kuznets saw that trading firms were constantly reinventing the wheel — creating their own trading systems over and over again — or forced to use closed and costly proprietary commercial solutions. Miller and Kuznets started Marketcetera to free trading firms from these constraints. By using an open source approach, Marketcetera gives you a way to drive cost out of your system while providing full control of your trading environment and the power to rapidly create and deploy your distinctive investment vision.

High performance, low latency automated trading systems were previously available to only the small group of firms prepared to make the large investment in an infrastructure to manage the high data volume and velocity of today’s market. Marketcetera’s open source platform and suite of commercial services democratize access to this kind of high frequency trading.

By taking an open source approach we give you a robust, reliable and secure trading platform with unparalleled transparency and extensibility. Whether you use the platform as is, or use it as a base on which to build your own customized solution, you’ll go to market more quickly and at a far lower cost. No waiting for vendors. No starting software development from scratch. No giving up your confidential strategies to a third party. You retain full control over your platform, enabling you to take it wherever you want it to go.