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Marketcetera Partners with NYSE Technologies to Deliver Next Generation SaaS Offering

Just as high frequency is the future of trading and open source is the future of trading technology, we believe that the cloud will be the future of the trading ecosystem. In today’s world of exploding market data and intense pressure on the financial services industry, buy-side firms and traders will be less able to… Continue Reading

The Rise (and Rise) of Automated Trading

Aite Group, a Boston research firm, reports that the high frequency trading community is now responsible for more than 60% of average daily volume in U.S. equities. High frequency trades are often executed with automated systems. Data volumes are exploding on Wall Street and the number of trades executed each year is increasing significantly. Traders… Continue Reading

Announcing….. Marketcetera V1.5

Since the release of the Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform 1.0 in January, we’ve brought on several great new board members and got the ball rolling with exciting new customers. And recently, we’ve heard continuing calls for open source from financial services firms trying to navigate a new market with smaller budgets. When Graham and Toli started… Continue Reading

Seven Months After The Crash

The September 2008 market crash has certainly shaken up the trading industry. For buy-side firms and hedge funds in particular, the volatile period over the last seven months has required difficult adjustments. The realities of a new market have challenged the assumptions inherent in hedging practices and federal regulations (such as the short selling ban)… Continue Reading

Moving Forward Together in an Open Source World

The financial world is now making way for open source software, and big banks are playing follow the leader. As HSBC, Bank of New Zealand and JPMorgan all announced recently, the open source paradigm is creeping in to their technology architectures. Perhaps we’re witnessing the start of something …. ? Let’s look at the benefits… Continue Reading

Drumroll… Marketcetera 1.0 is now available

We started Marketcetera a couple years ago on a mission to develop a fundamentally better method for writing, managing and implementing algorithmic trades for hedge fund managers and proprietary traders. Both Graham and I spent ten years managing trading platforms and strategies for Wall Street hedge funds until we couldn’t stand dealing with slow, bulky… Continue Reading asks, ‘Will the next Tom Wood please stand up?’

On Christmas Eve, BusinessWeek Online ran an article, “Bring Open Source into Hedge Funds.” Talk about hitting the nail on the head. The article by Peter Algert, co-founder of the San Francisco-based Algert Coldiron Investors hedge fund, asks for some open-source love for hedge funds. He argues hedge funds are too focused on making money… Continue Reading

Cost Conscious Companies Turn to Open-Source Software – Will Financial Services Follow Suit?

Earlier this month, Rachael King at BusinessWeek ran a story, “Cost-Conscious Companies Turn to Open-Source Software.” The story compares our current recession-driven IT budget crunch to the tech bubble burst, and examines how some large businesses have, and continue to, test out and implement various flavors of open source software to work around shrinking tech… Continue Reading