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The Future of Trading – Both Faster and Smarter

These days, high-frequency trading (HFT) is a controversial topic in economic discussions. Critics bemoan the proliferation of high-speed trading. They claim it destabilizes global financial systems, while proponents say that HFT is a natural progression in the development of new financial-trading tools.

As algorithmic trading continues to advance, the line between human trading and machine trading is becoming blurred. It’s difficult to guess the upper limits for speed in trading. Yet, the next wave of evolution in technology for trading is likely to be the expanded use of artificial intelligence (AI) to build trading systems which trade smarter instead of merely faster. Continue Reading

Spring is in the Air

It’s finally spring and with the “extra hour” courtesy of the DST change you might think the entire Marketcetera team would be out “spring-snowboarding” at Squaw in Tahoe. Well, the snow is slushy, so let’s talk about “the other” Spring instead. Since version 0.2, we are using the Spring Framework to do IoC-based configuration of… Continue Reading

Java and the Computer Language Shootout

The Java VM is an impressive beast. In theory, features like dynamic optimization and compilation and concurrent garbage collection promise great performance gains. But in benchmarks at the Computer Language Shootout, performance numbers still appear to be lacking. The Computer Language Shootout is good research. Complete disclosure of methods (for maximum reproducibility), an adversarial method… Continue Reading